[Marxism] Iran paper reports pact between al-Sadr, Najaf clerics and elders

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed May 12 23:47:58 MDT 2004

Under occupation "law" of the US gun, these clerics and tribal elders
have no formal power to postpone the military order to "capture or kill"
al-Sadr, and the "dissolution" of his army and its transformation into a
"political" organization would not satisfy Washington's demands up to

This is an agreement along lines that al-Sadr has been offering and
advocating for some days at least.  It makes concessions to the top Shia
leaders opposition to al-Sadr's control of Najaf and Karbala, but also
the growing pressure on them to act against the US attack.

In the eyes of the broad Shia public, it places al-Sadr in the postion
of defending against the US attack, not claiming the right for his
militia to exclusive control of the Shia cities. This article probably
also reflects in some way the role and orientation of the Iranian

I believe the Iranian press announced weeks ago that al-Sadr would go
into exile in Iran, something that has not happened yet.
Fred Feldman

Tehran Times, 13 May 2004

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Moqtada's Al Mahdi Army Will Disband Soon 

NAJAF (MNA) -- After ten days of tense negotiations between the
representatives of rebel cleric Moqtada al Sadr and tribal elders and
religious authorities, an agreement was reached for ending the bloody
clashes between the Al Mahdi army and the U.S. forces. 

The Najaf-based grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani has voiced his support for
this agreement. 

According to the agreement, a charge against Sadr for allegedly ordering
the assassination of Abdullmajid Khu'i in April 2003 will be postponed
until the new government takes office in Iraq. 

The Al Mahdi army forces are going to leave the city and change from a
military force to a political organization. 

According to the agreement whose details will be released by the Najaf
governor the occupation forces would retreat from around the holy city. 

After Sadr's loyalists leave the city, a group of tribal militia
numbering 1000 would police the city under the supervision of Najaf
governor and religious Shiite leaders. 

The agreement has been signed by Sadr's aid[e]s, Najaf governor, the
representatives of Badr brigade affiliated to the Supreme Council for
Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), Islamic Action Party headed by
Ayatollah Modaresi, Hezbo Da'wa officials and tribal elders.



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