[Marxism] Virus of 1960s and 1970s mutates and adapts

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Thu May 13 05:57:42 MDT 2004

[from The Arizona Republic / about Arizona State at Tempe]

"On campus you had the Student Mobilization Committee, the Students for a
Democratic Society, which were considered Commies, you had that guy Starsky
who was fired for being against the war," Lowell said, referring to
Professor Morris Starsky, a self-proclaimed socialist who was fired in 1970
after voicing opposition to the war. "It was like a hotbed."

Lowell said he doesn't belong to any political organizations. He is
currently registered as a Democrat, though he's thinking of defecting
because presumed Democratic nominee John Kerry voted for the war and will
likely keep large numbers of troops in Iraq if elected.

"We don't even know yet the cost of the war. They're saying $25 billion more
now, but what is the true cost? All these soldiers who have been maimed and
amputated and are on life support coming back. That's not added in to what
(Bush is) asking for from Congress," Lowell said about the money the
president asked for this month.

"I'm supporting our troops by saying they should come home. You can support
the troops by saying 'end the war' so they don't have to go there."
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