[Marxism] Bloggers doubt Berg execution video authenticity

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu May 13 11:02:25 MDT 2004

Eli, you mean to tell us that Nick Berg was an undocumented worker beheaded 
by a group of evil coyotes?!

Tony wrote:

>Why was Nick Berg wandering around in Iraq?  The most plausible reason is 
>just that he was an ideologically blinded dummy

>What is more likely is just that he managed to get into Iraq as a wanderer 
>talking good bs, but then got picked up and interrogated as to what the 
>hell he thought he was doing?  And what the US fears most, are freelance 
>reporters that might divulge some of the truth about American activities to 
>the rest of the world.

Why not go with the simplest explanation which is the one his family tells -
he was a small businessman who couldn't get enough work in the U.S. (like
millions of others) so he went to Iraq to try to get business (i.e., a job)

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