[Marxism] Bloggers doubt Berg execution video authenticity

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Thu May 13 12:59:19 MDT 2004

From:           	"Eli Stephens" <elishastephens at hotmail.com>

> The date of Berg's death is not known, but the abuse of prisoners in Iraq 
> was well known to Iraqis, and to those of us who get our news from 
> progressive media (or even non-U.S. media) LONG before April 10.
> I'm not saying there isn't some possibility that there isn't something more 
> sinister going on here, but there certainly is no reason to believe such a 
> thing is likely.

 Well, I always wonder every time I hear of another "Al Queda"  
recording in the bourgeois press whether some way or another this 
is  not the work of the U.S. secret service?

It is already common knowledge (for anyone following the whole 
situation in the the balkans) that the CIA was supporting Islamic 
mercenaries operating in the region. And it's undisputed that Bin 
Laden was in the pocket of the U.S. for a while  (if you believe 
some reports, until even days before 9-11). 

So with this more recent incident, the thought that immediately 
comes to mind is why advertise the killing? What benefit tactically 
does it bring to the resistance?

 That's the issue that I find more suspicious than anything. I don't 
question the killing itself (although I'm not toasting it either). But as 
a tactical ploy, publicizing the execution wouldn't seem endear the 
resistance to sympathetic westeners, which in the end is *one*  
factor -- not the most significant obviously -- that may play into 
whether (and how soon)  the U.S. "coalition" decides to leave the 


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