[Marxism] "Pinochet rescued Chile" BS

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 13 14:02:12 MDT 2004

The author of that disinformative vomit that heroized Pinoshit, Paul
Jackson is Associate Editor of the Calgary Sun, a right-wing tabloid in
Alberta, historically the most reactionary province in Canada.  The
Calgary Sun is a division of the Sun Media Corp., a Quebecor company.  
The Canadian Sun Media newspapers chain includes the Edmonton Sun,
Ottawa Sun, Toronto Sun, Winnipeg Sun, and the London Free Press.  Look
into the megaglom outfit Quebecor to see how Canadian capitalist
concerns are so much nicer than Yankee capitalists (i.e., NOT!). 

Nevertheless, provocative screeds like Jackson's do elicite the proper
responses, e.g.:

Calgary Sun, May 13, 2004


Paul Jackson's May 11 opinion piece "Ralph was right" was offensive to
anybody who thinks human rights matter. 

It is irksome enough to see neoclassical economists argue the human
rights costs paid by the Chilean people were worth the price of the
so-called "economic miracle" Pinochet's dictatorship claimed to have

But to see history distorted to the point where the human rights abuses
of a military dictator are just swept under the carpet is not

Jackson writes: "Pinochet committed no sins, but simply rescued his
countrymen from the sins of Allende." So there were no "sins" committed
by the military Pinochet controlled when it rounded up leftists, union
leaders and intellectuals and held them in the soccer stadium from Sept.
11 until Nov. 7? 

All the claims of torture and murder made by organizations like Amnesty
International were false? Or perhaps torture and murder are not "sins"
by Jackson's standards as long as they are done to rescue a country from
Godless (but democratically elected) Communists like Allende. 

Dr. David Bernans 

(Pinochet's victims would call them more than sins.)

My note: I have heard individuals in CHile express great admiration and
love for Tata (Grandpa) Pinochet because he jeopardized his immortal
soul to save his country and his beloved people from diabolical

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