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Subject: [Marxism] Adopt a POW-MIA Today, On Nostalgia for the Recent
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http://ojc.org/adopt/  OK, here is a POW-MIA iste.  Go check it out for the
music alone.

Any subscribers to this list who are in their twenties or even thirties,
might not know what us older commies once went through?   We went through 2
decades of the US Right making cause about how horrible the mistreatment of
POWs was by the bestial mob that opposed civilization. That's right! The
Right Wing in the US once said they opposed torture, rather than opnly
endorsing it as they do now with 'enemy detainees', which is the new pc
Right word for POWs.   My how the Englsih language changes and mutates in
less than a generation!  Who would have guessed that Donalad Rumsfield could
have almost alone destroyed concern for POWs being 'mistreated', but never

They first started experimenting with modern designs for torture, by
removing air conditioners in Texas jails, and serving prisoners meals only
with nondescript stuff centered on soy granules.   This was a contract, and
one of the leaders in the privatization wave.  And sexual abuse of
prisoners?  That was refined in Texas, too, and exported to places like New
york City, and then to Iraq and Afghanistan, where it could be combined in a
Christian way.

Now it is the Left that must adopt a POW-MIA campaign! Try to get any US
Right Wing meathead of the older generation.and get them to adopt Abdul or
Mohammad as their POW of concern NOW. It should be a fun campaign, despite
it's ratehr grim focus.  And carry a tape with the music from the POW-MIA
site above with you.  Just like a picture is worth a thousand words, music
is most helpful in prersenting your message.  Good Luck, Comrades.  And be
sure to talk about Jesus a lot.

Tony Abdo

That's funny.  I thought one of the major slogans of the anti-war movement
these days was patriotic "Bring the Troops Home, Now!  "


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