[Marxism] A. Mani article on India

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 13 16:41:49 MDT 2004

I just received an article by Marxmail subscriber A. Mani that is a bit 
too long to post to the list but it can be read in its entirety at:


Here is the opening paragraph:

                             On Some Recent Misuse of  Statistical Data.




The present article deals with some of the many instances of wrong usage 
of available statistical information by different vested interests in 
both 'academic garb' and less literate garbs. In particular we deal with 
gross and deliberate misrepresentation of present-day Indian statistics  
by the 'CSO', the Planning Commission and other Central Govt. bodies. 
Interestingly most of the statistical information presented in the last 
few years have much to say about negative agricultural growth, 
industrial recession and reduction in employment. . . though for this 
election year, they have taken recourse to at best idiotic statistical 
tricks, omissions and commissions.  

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