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[Lynndie England is, of course, the soldier that was captured in most of the
first photos that were made available. However, her role must have been
relatively minor. Note that she was charged well after the public was told
that 6 (7?) others were being charged, and she was charged only after the
pictures were released. This indicates that the people who were making a
case against the soldiers decided that she was not culpable and that she was
charged only after pressure due to the release of the pictures. They may
also have been concerned that she would fight back. She is described by
family and friends as a person a rebel--one that would not be easily
intimidated. -- from Brian Shannon]

"I was instructed by persons in higher rank to 'stand there, hold this
leash, look at the camera' and they took the picture for psy-ops" -
psychological operations.

I mean, to us, we were doing our job, which meant we were doing what we were
told and the outcome was what they wanted.

"They'd come back and they'd look at the pictures and they'd state, 'Oh,
that's a good tactic, keep it up. That's working. This is working. Keep
doing it. It's getting what we need'."

She added: "We don't feel we were doing things we weren't supposed to
because we were told to do them."

She confirmed that the treatment of some prisoners was worse than has been
seen - but refused to give details.

Ron Wyden said: "I expected they would be very hard on the stomach lining
and it was significantly worse than anything that I had anticipated.

"Take the worst case and multiply it several times over."

Wayne Gilchrist summed up his reaction in four words: "Disgust, anger, rage,

Ben Nighthorse Campbell said: "I don't know how the hell these people got
into our army."

Jane Harman said she saw a man hurling himself against a wall as if trying
to knock himself unconscious.

Others said they saw pictures of bodies but it was not clear under what
circumstances they had died.

A former member of Iraq's coalition appointed Governing Council claimed they
long suspected abuses at Abu Ghraib but when officials went to investigate,
US soldiers covered it up.

Nouri Badran, who resigned as Interior Minister last month, said: "The
abuses have been happening for a long time and the occupation forces knew
about them.

"We heard about them from prisoners who were released.

"The occupation officials said nothing when we asked them.

"It means nothing in Iraq if a few US officers are sacked over this

IRAQ wants to take over control of all prisons and detainees from the US
when the interim government takes office.

But the demand by Adnan Pachachi, the 80-year-old expected to become his
country's first postwar president on June 30, is thought to be unacceptable
to President Bush and the Pentagon

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