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Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> posted an article by Hitchens which has I've clipped for reasons of brevity:-Paul B Subject: [Marxism] The most compelling reason to vote for Nader

Vanity Fair, May 2004

Unsafe On Any Ballot
By Christopher Hitchens

>And a slight secret about Ralph Nader is the extent of his conservatism. 
>The last time I saw him up close, he was the guest at Grover Norquist’s 
>now famous “Wednesday Morning” gathering, where Washington’s disparate 
>conservative groups meet—by invitation only, and off the record—under 
>one ceiling. He gave them a sincere talking-to, pointing out that their 
>favorite system—free market capitalism—was undermining their professedly 
>favorite values.

full: http://www.ex-iwp.org/docs/2004/vanity_fair.htm

It's interesting that in his article Hitchens "conservative baits" Nader. A couple of years ago while being jeered by an anti-war audience in Chicago, Hitchens replied "My heating bill is more than any of you peoples income!" Yesiree, 'ol Chris is certainly a man of the people.

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