[Marxism] Lynndie England and the photos - more damning than indicated on TV

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu May 13 20:12:06 MDT 2004

Hi Brian,

I hate to see the word "rebel" used of someone like Lynndie England.  The 
Australian's have a word for someone like her and it is 
"larrikin".  Someone who bucks authority, but when the chips are down toes 
the line.

That is not to say that she could not do some damage.  Also  lumpen petty 
bourgeois elements will identify with her, because she like them is trapped 
working for the Man while doling out punishment to those below.

For she is precisely located in the "doing the dirty work of imperialism" 
slot and she appears to have to have set about that task with some enthusiasm.

Her and her fellow patriots are now expendable for political reasons, but 
only temporarily so.

Pax Americana needs the torturers and their time will come again. (That is 
if it has gone away and I am far from believing it has.)



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