[Marxism] Re: What Confronts the Mexican Left Today?

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Thu May 13 21:00:56 MDT 2004

Tony Abdo wrote:

>The best way to examine how 'lost' or not lost Mexico is for Latin America 
>in the coming period, might be to examine some the situation that confronts 
>the Mexican Left as it prepares for the 2006 national elections.  And we 
>should also review how the period of the last 5 years was dealt with, too.  
>Because what is going on now with the scandals effecting the Mexican Greens 
>and the PRD, is all part of the opening battles for positioning for the 
>presidential fight, in the first election where the ' PRI 'dedazo' now 
>appears to the Mexican people to have been dissolved for good.

One brief comment on this.

I don't know whether your conjecture that there's a plan between the PRI and 
PAN to marginalize the PRD is right or wrong.  You insist on drawing 
parallels that seem a bit farfetched to me (e.g., the Greens).  But if it 
exists, how likely would it be to stick?

The state governorships are about equally split with an advantage for the 
PRD if we weigh them by population.  The same with municipalities, perhaps 
with a slight advantage for the PRI and PAN.  Congress is almost evenly 
split among the three major parties.  The PRI sways both ways.  (On the 
issue of Cuba, for example, the PRI is overwhelmingly with the PRD.  And as 
of today no prominent leader of the PAN is stepping up to attack Cuba.)  I 
think this 3-way gridlock will continue for a while, until a big 
breakthrough happens shrinking the influence of one of the three parties.  
The corruption scandals, if weighed by the money involved and the damage on 
the public treasury, affect mostly the PRI.  The PAN has a tail to step on 
as well.  As you mentioned recently, for the most part, Mexico City is 
firmly on PRD hands.  Mexico City is youth territory, and the left in the 
last 50 years has come from behind and proved to be very resilient.

Again, this is speculation.


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