[Marxism] Traveling with Chairman Avakian

Rosa RL rosarl65 at yahoo.com
Fri May 14 09:24:08 MDT 2004

Several times there has been allusions here to the
struggle among communists in the U.S. -- in the mid
70s over the issue of Bundism and the relationship of
internationalism with Black nationalism.

This weeks RW ( http://rwor.org ) has a recollection
by Carl Dix (RCP national spokesperson
http://rwor.org/a/carldix/cd.htm ) about the struggles
over Bundism. This was just before the period alluded
to in remarks about the *Boston Busing Struggle* (so
these reminiscences give a sense of the issues on the
minds of the RU leaders at that point, and their stand
in support of Black liberation.)
The article can be found here -
http://rwor.org/a/1240/dix-ba.htm It is a piece about
the past, and also (obviously) about the present.

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