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Last Release: Sunday, May 14, 2004

Left Hook Summer Fund Drive

May marks the sixth full month of the Left Hook project, as well as the 
beginning of our first Summer Fund Drive. In the past half-year, Left 
Hook has enjoyed considerable success in increasing and broadening its 
recognition, readership and participants...

But as an ambitious and regularly updated online journal Left Hook 
requires constant editing, reviewing, writing, upgrading, technical 
work, and outreach - and as a relatively new youth journal - this has 
all been done so far by no more than two (of the three) editors at any 
given time, due to the constraints and demands of school, work, and of 
course, activism. To help ease these burdens and to continue our efforts 
and expand our reach, we need your financial support.

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Class Struggle on Campus: Victory to the Columbia University graduate 

| Derek Seidman |

On Thursday, May 6, over 300 striking graduate students and their 
supporters rallied at Columbia University, marching through campus with 
resounding chants and makeshift drums thumping away. The atmosphere was 
all the more festive with the show of solidarity by other unions, 
including a diverse contingent, forty strong, of TWU local 241, 
Columbia's Facilities Management. Chants and slogans such as "Union 
Now", "UAW on strike for recognition", and "The unions united will never 
be defeated" were complimented by creative pickets, such as "Philosophy 
Hall on strike-Derridians make the différence". Students marched through 
some of the same areas and building where, only about 35 years ago, the 
most historic student occupations of the Sixties had taken place.

- (Read full) http://lefthook.org/Ground/Seidman051404.html

A Marxist Critique of 'Third World Postmodernism': Part One

| Keith Rosenthal |

...it is quite infantile to completely write-off the struggles of 
workers against global capitalism as, at best, irrelevant. Esteva and 
Prakash write, "Strikes and struggles like those of the French workers, 
however, are only brakes designed to slow down the pace of 
transformation or to reduce the damage of the 'Global Project'. They are 
not challenging the project itself, or its foundations, but, instead, 
the way in which it is being implemented or its unequal benefits and 
impacts." 15 Later, the two neo-postmodernists go on to say that 
workers' resistance actually buttress the capitalist state by putting 
demands upon it, thereby strengthening its "centrality" to the lives of 
workers. 16 As if indigenous peoples demanding "autonomous recognition" 
from the state does not ask something of it; as if demanding better 
sanitation, health, education, jobs (as the Zapatistas initially did) 
from the state could be anything more than brakes on the 'Global 
Project'; as if carving out "postmodern spaces" while explicitly 
refusing to do a thing about the real, military, economic, and political 
power of global capitalism will accomplish anything but complicity to 
its continuation.

- (Read full) http://lefthook.org/History/Rosenthal051404.html

Supporting State Terror in Uruguay and Chile and the Movement to Stop 
It: A Look Back

| Peter Brogan |

Brazil recently marked the 40th anniversary of its 1964 coup which 
brought to power and ushered in a wave of unique military dictatorship 
in the Southern Cone of South America. In this article I will discuss 
the other two military dictatorships in this region, Chile and Uruguay 
in the 1970s, focusing on the role of U.S. support, especially in the 
way of economic and military assistance, which I will argue played an 
instrumental role in sustaining these two regimes in their terrorizing 
of their populations. Together with a vast network of client states, 
these two Bureaucratic Authoritarian (BA) regimes constituted in part 
what Edward Herman calls the "real terror network." I am particularly 
concerned here with how effective the movements that opposed the brutal 
and systematic violations of human rights committed by these two regimes 
were in pressuring the United States to put a stop to these policies.

- (Read full) http://lefthook.org/History/Brogan051404.html

The Longer View: Conondrums of a Civilizing Mission

| M. Junaid Alam |

Today, the utter and total failure of the American colonizing project in 
Iraq is clear to all. The brutal and sadistic treatment of Iraqi 
prisoners by US soldiers, the Fallujah massacre, intensified and growing 
armed resistance among both Sunnis and Shias, and the utter failure to 
rebuild Iraqi infrastructure have given us ample proof of this. But the 
crimes and atrocities of the occupation are neither "unprecedented" or 
"shocking" as the liberal pundits would have us believe. In fact, even a 
year ago - long before the arrogant Donald Rumsfeld was reduced to 
parading through the infamous Abu Ghraib prison-complex in an 
Israeli-made armored car to try to save his career - it was clear that 
the US would only "instill" barbarism and chaos. That argument was laid 
out exactly a year ago in the form of The Longer View: Conondrums of A 
Civilizing Mission, and we reprint it below.

- (Read full) http://lefthook.org/History/Alam051404.html

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