[Marxism] Arundhati Roy and Wall Street Journal in India's election

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 14 11:40:10 MDT 2004

Walter Lippmann wrote:

>(All over the world, movement is to the left, and
>while Sonia Ghandi's no leftist or revolutionary,
>nature abhors a vacuum and the people of India who
>are being hurt by the capitalist government's 
>subordination to neoliberal globalization did what
>they had to to give the BJP regime a rude awakening.
Yes, but as Roy points out there really is not much difference between 
Congress and BJP ideologically:

The Congress has become the largest party. The left parties, the only 
parties to be overtly (but ineffectively) critical of the reforms, have 
been given an unprecedented mandate. But even as we celebrate, we know 
that on every major issue besides overt Hindu nationalism (nuclear 
bombs, big dams and privatisation), the Congress and the BJP have no 
major ideological differences. We know the legacy of the Congress led us 
to the horror of the BJP.


Many governments - state as well as centre; Congress, BJP, as well as 
regional parties - have used this climate of manufactured frenzy to 
mount an assault on human rights on a scale that would shame the world's 
better known despotic regimes.


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