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--- Mark Lause <MLause at cinci.rr.com> wrote:
> Those of us who paid little or no attention to Bob
> Avakian--"the ten
> most dangerous men to U.S. capitalism" (wasn't that
> the
> description)--might not know what you mean by
> "Bundism"...

Fair enough.. An explination is due :)

The Russian empire, a large multinational state (with
dozens of nationalities), gave rise to a single
multinational revolutionary party, called the
Bolsheviks, led by Lenin. There was an opposing line
called the bundist who wanted separate socialist
parties for each national grouping and if that
opposing line had won out  -- it is hard to imagine a
revolution would have happed.

Most states are multinational, even colonized
countries. China, an oppressed colonized country, also
had many nationalities (in addition to the majority
Han people) -- but there was not a separate party for
the Hmong people, the Tibetans, the korean national
minority and so on. If that had been true.... well,
revolution would not have been the same.

The idea that each nationality needs its own party --
or else there will be social-imperialism (socialism in
name, imperialism in reality) -- is based on the
identity politics that assumes that each grouping
(national, ethnic, gender) really has hostile
interests with the others, and the fight is "over the

Parties leading proletarian revolution can be
multinational because the proletariat (as a class)
ultimately has a common interest -- and that historic
interests includes decisively overthrowing the
oppression of minority nationalities.

In the U.S., the Puerto Rican people need independence
to be liberated, and therefore need their own vanguard
communist party to lead that revolutionary liberation
struggle. But it is in the largest interests of the
proletariat (internationally) to unify the
revolutionary forces within the continental united
states --with a common plan, programme, structure,
organization, leadership, etc. -- and seek a unified
overthrow of the system there.

A weak bundist federation of splintered "ethnic"
parties will not work, will not serve the people, and
will not serve the interest of best ending national
oppression (and other forms of oppression) within the
borders of the current U.S.

So this is a very important topic to discuss.

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