[Marxism] looking for general guidance: class analysis of today'ssociety; practice-theory

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Dear DJD -- are you familiar with the work of Nicos Poulantzas? The best work I've seen based on that approach & focussed on the USA is by Erik Olin Wright at the U of Wisconsin, which came out several years ago. 

There may now be more recent work in the field. If anyone is aware of such I'd appreciate being tipped off to it -- ?


Dan Elliott
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  1)  marxist (not weberian) class analysis of today's society
  I recently read zizek saying that the two common answers as to today's proletariat composition--intellectual workers or real production in 3rd world--is too simple, and regardless of what else i think of zizek, i think he's right about that.  who is dealing with pressing problems such as these?  what can we be studying today to answer these questions?
  2)  how can i test the theory i am learning? (specifically considering that i'm one person or will be working with a small group)  what should one do?
  3)  i'm also interested to hear people's favorite Marxist journals, newspapers, website, etc.
  thank you for your time

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