[Marxism] Re: Traveling with Chairman Avakian

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Sat May 15 12:39:07 MDT 2004

I think "Bundist" was an epithet that the Revolutionary Union, forerunner of
the RCP, tried to apply during the mid to late 1970s to some of its
erstwhile rivals, the Black Workers Congress and the Puerto Rican
Revolutionary Workers Organization.  The RU -- like the other Maoist
"pre-party formations" of those days, the October League and Melvin's
Communist League, etc. -- was in theory organized as a multinational group,
albeit mainly composed of whites coming out of the student movements (here
excepting perhaps the CL which had roots in the black industrial proletariat
and which was led by an African-American).  These other two organizations,
BWC and PRRWO, which were also part of the "New Communist Movement" -- again
see Max Elbaum's book for details -- had arisen out of the revolutionary
nationalist milieu of the times and had redefined themselves as MLM groups.
The debate was: hhould there be such organizations, based on a particular
nationality like the Bund was in tsarist Russia (for Jews).  The "Bundists"
argued special forms of oppression required separate organizations.  Lenin
was against it. This debate was mooted eventually because the aforementioned
groups went multinational themselves and/or ceased to exist.

Why this is coming up at this point in time on this List, I don't have a
clue.  But the issue within the context of a highly racist (anti-semitic in
the case of tsarist Russia) society of how best to obtain unity is still
definitely an important one, if the hard left is again trying to "regroup"
itself now, and which I don't think can be settled by dredging up something
or other said by Lenin.


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