[Marxism] Re: Traveling with Chairman Avakian

B. Castleberry bcastleberry1hsd at earthlink.net
Sat May 15 22:01:59 MDT 2004

 >loud-mouthed white guy<

Well, he most definitely made himself heard.  Mr. Pieinsky has the 
substance of it regarding "Bundism".  I guess the Iranian Students 
Association didn't qualify, not being an organization with a domestic base.

I heard Mr. Avakian at the "Founding Convention of the Revolutionary 
Communist Youth Brigade" in Champaign, Illinois in November 1977.  A 
significant minority of the Revolutionary Student Brigade opposed the 
insertion of the word, "Communist" into the name of the group, pleading 
that it would make their work much more difficult.  Mr. Avakian would 
have none of it.  In line with the Weatherman characterizations that 
others have made, he really wanted us to be street fighters.  You know, 
"Up Against the Wall, MF", "Blows Against the Empire", and all that. 
Terribly exciting to we students from the 'burbs, but the real 
working-class kids shook their heads.  They knew we would lose that battle.


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