[Marxism] looking for general guidance: class analysis of today's society; practice-theory

Rosa RL rosarl65 at yahoo.com
Sat May 15 22:24:46 MDT 2004

Here is a class analysis of the U.S. that i find very
helpful. It is from the RCP-USA's Draft Programme.
http://rwor.org/margorp/a-uf2.htm the whole programme
can be found at http://rwor.org/margorp/progtoc-e.htm 

As far as how you can test out what you are learning,
you might also find this article on doing class
analysis helpful as well - 

Also, you asked about favorite websites and journals..
here are a couple of mine.

http://rwor.org - Revolutionary Worker Online - which
the above links are from. 

http://awtw.org - A World to Win 

--- DJ Dialectic <dialecticd at yahoo.com> wrote:
> 1)  marxist (not weberian) class analysis of today's
> society
> I recently read zizek saying that the two common
> answers as to today's proletariat
> composition--intellectual workers or real production
> in 3rd world--is too simple, and regardless of what
> else i think of zizek, i think he's right about
> that.  who is dealing with pressing problems such as
> these?  what can we be studying today to answer
> these questions?
> 2)  how can i test the theory i am learning?
> (specifically considering that i'm one person or
> will be working with a small group)  what should one
> do?
> 3)  i'm also interested to hear people's favorite
> Marxist journals, newspapers, website, etc.
> thank you for your time
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