[Marxism] Howard Zinn: another take on the war

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sun May 16 05:48:38 MDT 2004

I'm thinking of the irony that those very things we said our soldiers were
dying for--giving their eyes, their limbs for--are being lost at home by
this brutal war. Our freedom of speech is diminished, our electoral system
corrupted, Congressional and judicial checks on executive power nonexistent.
And the costs of the war--the $400 billion military budget (which Kerry,
shockingly, refuses to consider lowering)--make it inevitable that people in
this country will suffer from lack of health care, a deteriorating school
system, dirtier air and water. Corporate power is unregulated and running
wild. Kerry does not seem to understand that he is giving away his strongest
card against Bush--the growing disillusion with the war among the American
public. He thinks he is being clever, by saying he will wage the war better
than Bush. But by declaring his continued support for the military
occupation, he is climbing aboard a sinking ship. We do not need another war
President. We need a peace President. And those of us in this country who
feel this way should make our desire known in the strongest of ways to the
man who may be our next occupant of the White House.

Article at: http://www.progressive.org/june04/zinn0604.html

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