[Marxism] Traveling with Chairman Avakian

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This weeks RW ( http://rwor.org ) has a recollection by Carl Dix (RCP
national spokesperson http://rwor.org/a/carldix/cd.htm ) about the
struggles over Bundism.

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Among other matters of interest to leftist trainspotters, Dix recalls
how the oft-inored culinary dimensions of the national question became a
sore point in early 1970s revolutionary practice:

"I had earlier raised some criticisms of the practice of RU comrades
around the national question, and [Avakian] took the discussion back to
that. My criticisms were mixed. Some were petty, like me raising that
Baltimore RU comrades had done a fundraising dinner for a strike of
mostly Black workers and served under-cooked greens. Virtually all the
workers wanted their greens cooked more before they would eat them, but
this didn't mean that these comrades had a bad line on fighting national

(just an undercooked Green lacking such battle scars, I guess)

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