[Marxism] Traveling with Chairman Avakian

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun May 16 10:44:30 MDT 2004

I hope Stuart Lawrence wasn't being excessively "ironic" about the left
when he talked about the culinary aspects of the national question.  I
kind of suspect he wasn't but I am not sure. The issues are, of course,
for real.  As somebody who has always liked his greens hard and his
steak bloody, I had to make adjustments when I cooked for the civil
rights movement (as I did on one occasion) or more often for the broad
grouping who attended the SWP leadership school for tastes that had a
national origin.  Of course, no one suggested that my initial miscooking
was "racist."  But,  of course, refusing to correct the cooking would
have had a certain national character.  These are inevitable aspects of
movement and also "party building" and, while amusing in retrospect,
should not be simply laughed off.
By the way, I exclude, from experience,  that the Blacks who were
invited to the RCP dinner thought the cooking was "racist."  I am
certain they just thought it was inedible.  The question of racism or
errors on the "national question" was solely raised by the politicos.

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