[Marxism] Bush's POW Porn

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sun May 16 11:13:14 MDT 2004

It says a lot about the state of US political discourse these days, when the 
best commentary about Bush and America's conservative mainstream comes more 
often from people like Howard Stern and Susan Block, rather than from 
mainstream press commentators.  Now if she would just fill us in some about 
Kerry's sexuality!

A Review
Bush's POW Porn
By Dr. SUSAN BLOCK ('Sex Therapist')

I want to take a long, hard look at Bush's sexuality. Because The Photos are 
Bush's porn. Oh, he says they "disgust" him. Of course, they do. Listen, I'm 
a sex therapist. Many of my clients will say something disgusts them at 
first, only to confess a few sessions later that it really turns them on.

Shortly after the censorship dam burst and The Photos were released 
publicly, Bush issued his first attempt at apologizing: "I share a deep 
disgust that those prisoners were treated the way they were treated." He 
coughed up the words like a chicken bone, or that pretzel he swallowed and 
almost choked on. And he looked like a shifty-eyed boy caught by his mama, 
his schoolteacher and the whole neighborhood with his political pants down, 
way down around his ankles, exposing his severe shortcomings for all the 
world to revile.

Notice that he started to say how "those prisoners" were "treated." But 
then, he couldn't say it. After all, it might have given him an erection. 
Which would not help his reelection.

George II was so disgusted that, a few hours after he made these pious 
pronouncements, he went to a private party at the home of Defense Secretary 
Donald Rumsfeld, Line Producer of Bush's POW Porn. I assume that Rummy and 
Mrs. Rummy provided barf bags for everyone.

Giving Bush's War That Extra Spice

Amazing how many synonyms for "disgust" have dripped and dribbled like 
infected spittle from the rapidly dissembling mouths of various pro-war 
pundits and politicians, as they too are compelled to submit their reviews 
of Bush's POW Porn, which they helped to produce, promote and distribute. 
They are APPALLED. Shocked. Dismayed. Disturbed. Sickened. Nauseated. Rummy 
is "stunned." Condi is "outraged." Yes, this is a "deep disgust," as the 
President so compassionately suggested, that the whole Team Bush Torture 
Production and Distribution Wing "shares."

full article at http://www.counterpunch.org/block05142004.html

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