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>By the way, I exclude, from experience, that the Blacks who were invited to 
the RCP dinner thought the cooking was "racist."  I am certain they just 
thought it was inedible.  The question of racism or errors on the "national 
question" was solely raised by the politicos.<



Laughing my ass off because none of us - five boys and one girl were 
particularly fond of mother's cooking. Her position was simple . . .I am not the maid 
and cook. 

What we eat of course is a product of a complex of "needs" inherited and 
recast by bourgeois property - according to Marx. This includes eating. Perhaps 
90% of what we eat did not exist as a societal diet 150 years ago. 

By the way the slave diet and its evolution is perhaps the worse on earth. 
High blood pressure does not come just from political oppression. 

Melvin P. 

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