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China vows to coordinate new talks on NKorea despite lack of progress
Sat May 15, 2004

BEIJING (AFP) - Working group delegations to six-nation talks on a bitter 
standoff about North Korea (news - web sites)'s nuclear program left Beijing 
with few signs of progress, as China vowed to coordinate further talks, 
officials said.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo met Saturday with delegation heads 
from the two Koreas, the United States, Japan and Russia, and reiterated 
Beijing's commitment to coordinate further meetings over the simmering 
19-month standoff, an East Asian diplomat close to the talks said.

"According to our delegation, all sides agreed to meet again, but no 
concrete date for a second working group meeting has been set and it will be 
decided through diplomatic channels," the diplomat said.

"The Chinese side will coordinate."

China's representative to the meeting, Ning Fukui, said another 
working-level group meeting would be held before a slated third round of 
higher, vice ministerial meetings on the issue due before the end of June, 
Xinhua news agency said.

"It is the hope of the Chinese side that all parties would hold 
consultations in a flexible, practical and patient manner and explore ways 
to settle the issue," Ning said.

The key sticking point has appeared to be whether North Korea should give up 
its entire nuclear program, or only the military part, in exchange for 
economic aid and security guarantees.

Washington wants a clear-cut commitment from the North for a "complete, 
verifiable and irreversible dismantlement" before any compensation can be 

US Secretary of State Colin Powell (news - web sites) said in Washington 
Friday that the three days of talks produced "no particular breakthroughs," 
and further urged the international community to increase pressure on 
Pyongyang to back down from its nuclear weapons ambitions.

In a further development, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi 
announced Friday that he would meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il in 
Pyongyang next week to discuss the abduction of Japanese citizens and the 
regime's nuclear arms ambitions.

He said Japan had informed the United States, China and South Korea (news - 
web sites) of his planned visit to the Stalinist state.

Before returning to Pyongyang from Beijing, the North Korean chief delegate 
Li Kun said his country would continue to participate in the talks, Yonhap 
news agency said.

"We have had serious discussions at the talks. We confirmed that a common 
view has been formed that there would be reward for us in return for 
freezing the nuclear weapons program."

"Another consensus is that the US demand for CVID (complete, verifiable, 
irreversible dismantlement of nuclear programs) is an obstacle to progress 
in negotiation."

China's leading People's Daily newspaper said that during the working-level 
talks both the United States and North Korea hardened their positions with 
neither side willing to give in.

"Without aid and security guarantees, North Korea cannot consider the US 
demand for the complete verifiable and irreversible dismantling of its 
nuclear program," the paper quoted a North Korean official as saying.
March 29, 2004
Russia welcomes China to participate in East Siberia oil development
Chinese enterprises are welcome to participate in oil exploitation in East 
Siberia, said a Russian official in Beijing on March 28.

Chinese enterprises are welcome to participate in oil exploitation in East 
Siberia, said a Russian official in Beijing on March 28.

Alexander K. Akimov, Vice President of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in 
northeastern Russia Federation, made the remarks before ending his visit to 
China. He said that Yakutia has rich oil resources and is willing to 
cooperate with Chinese enterprises in that field through joint development.

Economic advisor for the vice president said the prospects of cooperation 
between the two countries in oil exploitation are broad.

Statistics held by Russia's side show that the oil reserve discovered in 
Sakha Republic located in East Siberia and its western and southern regions 
totals 200 million tons while the oil exploited in 2003 was only 290,000 

Analysts said local rich oil resources have yet to be fully developed and 
utilized due to freezing weather and inadequate fund.

Experts held that it will help ease China's current oil shortage if the two 
countries can reach agreement on cooperation in oil. Statistics show that 
over the past ten years, China's consumption in crude oil has increased at a 
rate of 5.77 percent on average. China used in 2003 about 250 million tons 
of crude oil, including 91.12 million imported, a year-on-year increase of 
10 percent.

By People's Daily Online

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