[Marxism] Michael Berg and George Bush

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sun May 16 16:31:26 MDT 2004

Bush in Wisconsin...

Bush spoke of Nicholas Berg, the young American who was recently beheaded in 
Iraq. The CIA has blamed Abu Musab Zarqawi, a Jordanian terrorist connected 
to the al Qaeda terrorist network, and Bush used the killing to make the 
case that Saddam Hussein "had terrorist ties."

"The person responsible for the Berg death, Zarqawi, was in and out of 
Baghdad prior to our arrival, for example," the president said.

and Nick Berg's dad in Pennsylvania....

On Friday, Mr. Berg's father, Michael, joined hundreds of others at a 
synagogue here outside Philadelphia at a private memorial service in honor 
of his son. While others in attendance wore suits and blazers, Michael Berg 
offered his own simple, silent tribute to youngest child, opting not for a 
jacket and tie, but donning instead a green t-shirt nearly identical to the 
one worn by his son in that suddenly famous photograph. The family had 
affixed it to their mailbox in the days after his death.

"I think he really wanted people to see that this kid wasn't into being 
flashy," said Bruce Hauser, a spokesman for the Berg family said of the 
gesture by Michael Berg. "He had his mind into doing what he wanted to do."


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