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Thanks, Cynthia. I am forwarding this to Marxmail where it will be 
*warmly welcomed* as well.

Cynthia Cochran wrote:
> Did you all see this?  Great news our of S. America.  Anything being 
> done to air the Administrations nefarious plans to unseat Chavez?  Rumor 
> had it thatAristede's removal was a trial run for a second try on 
> Chavez....Cynthia
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>  >Subject: Venezuela Fuel Shipment Warmly Welcomed in Argentina
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>  >Venezuela Fuel Shipment Warmly Welcomed in Argentina
>  >
>  >Venezuelanalysis.com
>  >May 13, 2004
>  >
>  >Towards a Latin American energy company
>  >
>  >Argentina received its first shipment of fuel offered
>  >by Venezuela to ease its energy crisis. Several South
>  >American governments plan to create a continental
>  >energy company
>  >
>  >By Modesto Emilio Guerrero
>  >
>  >Buenos Aires
>  >
>  >On Tuesday, in a cold but sunny day of the austral fall, a
>  >Venezuelan super tanker arrived on dock E of the almost
>  >bicentennial port of Buenos Aires with a shipment of
>  >327,717 barrels of fuel oil to help ease Argentina's
>  >energy crisis.
>  >
>  >The "Ezequiel Zamora" tanker was welcomed by a crowd of
>  >more than one thousand people, including some 800
>  >members of grassroots movements, dominated by the dirty
>  >and humble faces of Argentina's new unemployed, the
>  >piqueteros. Also present were 150 government officers
>  >dress up with fine dark suits, most of them blonde, who
>  >appeared to be somewhat uncomfortable with the unusual
>  >presence of their not very well dressed and noisy
>  >compatriots.
>  >
>  >Venezuela and Argentina recently signed an agreement in
>  >which the Caribbean nation will supply diesel, jet
>  >fuel, and oil to Argentina, which in turn will sell
>  >agricultural products, medicines, and agricultural
>  >machinery for Venezuela's new agricultural development
>  >plan. The two countries are also working in a satellite
>  >engineering venture.
>  >
>  >On Wednesday, a ceremony was held at the dock, with the
>  >presence of Venezuelan and Argentine government
>  >officials, private sector representatives, and members
>  >of the grassroots movements.
>  >
>  >"This is a historic moment. We are turning integration
>  >into a reality with this humble act," said Venezuela's
>  >minister of Energy and Mines, Rafael Ramirez, who gave
>  >the opening speech at the event. The humble section of
>  >the crowd, dominated by the unemployed piqueteros,
>  >responded by chanting "Alert!, alert!, alert that
>  >Bolivar's sword has begun walking through Latin
>  >America," a slogan used by President Chavez's
>  >supporters to draw parallelisms between South American
>  >independence hero Simon Bolivar's struggle against
>  >Spanish imperialism and the current efforts of Chavez
>  >for Venezuelan sovereignty and anti-neoliberalism.
>  >
>  >Ramirez brought 'direct greetings from President Chavez
>  >and from Venezuelan oil workers'. "Thanks Chavez!" said
>  >the piquetero group welcoming the Venezuelan tanker.
>  >Credit: Barrios de Pie
>  >
>  >"I am extremely happy to be here today because
>  >yesterday I attended the creation of Argentina's new
>  >energy company ENERSA, which will allow the country to
>  >control its energy resources once again," said Ramirez.
>  >Argentina's state energy companies were privatized
>  >under the neoliberal policies implemented during the
>  >90's. The foreign companies that purchased them did not
>  >make the necessary investments to meet the growing
>  >demand, leading to the current energy crisis. ENERSA
>  >will have a 53% ownership by the Argentine state, and
>  >47% by private investors.
>  >
>  >"We had to fight very hard to regain control of its oil
>  >and to put its national oil company at the service of
>  >the poeple," said Ramirez in reference to the lock-out,
>  >strike and sabotage of Venezuela's PDVSA promoted at
>  >the end of 2002  by opponents of President Chavez to
>  >force his ouster.
>  >
>  >Towards a Latin American energy company
>  >
>  >"We wish to put PDVSA at the service of economic and
>  >commercial projects to help strengthen not only
>  >Argentina but to contribute to the creation of South
>  >America's most powerful energy company," said Ramirez
>  >in reference to plans to create a joint venture between
>  >several state oil and energy companies in South
>  >America.
>  >
>  >The audience exploded in applauses and chants when
>  >Argentina's minister of Federal Planning, Julio De
>  >Vido, announced in his speech that in the upcoming days
>  >they will meet in Caracas with representatives of the
>  >Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia in order to discuss the
>  >creation of a Latin American energy company.
>  >
>  >Criticisms
>  >
>  >"We won't be able to use Chavez's fuel because it high
>  >sulfur content makes it harmful for Argentina's energy
>  >plants," said Antonio Lage on Channel 9 news last week,
>  >echoing reports from neoliberal analysts. Venezuelan
>  >officials have since rejected those claims. The arrival
>  >of Chavez's ship -as people call it- sent shocks to the
>  >neoliberal establishment.
>  >
>  >http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/news.php?newsno=1270

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