[Marxism] Newsweek poll: we are the majority...

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Sun May 16 22:11:17 MDT 2004

  You know, if there was ever a time for good old consciousness raising, it
surrounds the possibility of a staged terrorist attack, not so much "staged"
as "allowed to happen" or perhaps even provoked . . . is the American public
ready to be told that it should be on highest alert lest their leaders stage
a new 9/11 -- some one is already introducing legislation that any new major
terrorist attack be followed immediately by two months of  'state of siege'
suspension of civil liberties, etc. and of course elections.  Wouldn't a
major 'conscientizacion'  on this theme seem important.  The very statistics
indicate that there is probably a larger percentage (30?) who really do
believe the government is in the hands of criminals who don't believe in the
democratic process.  When the iron is hot ? ? ?

  Paul Dillon
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  > The last Newsweek poll says Bush's overall approval rating has fallen to
  > 42%.
  > Far more importantly, approval of his handling of Iraq has dipped to 35
  > percent with 57 percent disapproval.  The only downside is that the
  > rapidity of this fall might allow for a rapid recovery with another
  > "October surprise".
  > Solidarity!
  > Mark L.
  > http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/story.jsp?oldflok=FF-APO-1131
  > <http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/story.jsp?oldflok=FF-APO-1131&idq=/ff/
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  > &idq=/ff/story/0001%2F20040516%2F2318289506.htm&sc=1131&floc=NW_5-L1
  > http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/story.jsp?oldflok=FF-APO-1131&idq=/ff/s
  > tory/0001%2F20040516%2F2318289506.htm&sc=1131&floc=NW_5-L1
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