[Marxism] Re: Traveling with Chairman Avakian

B. Castleberry bcastleberry1hsd at earthlink.net
Sun May 16 21:36:01 MDT 2004

 >Where is Michael Klonsky...?<

"Elbaum notes that for many Maoists, once their political organizations 
crumbled, they successfully re-entered "the better-off strata from which 
they had once defected." Some, like onetime CPML chairman Klonsky, now 
an education professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, have 
undeniably retained more than a modicum of progressive politics. 
However, other former top CPML ideologues nowadays include a millionaire 
venture capitalist who worked for many years at the Blackstone Group and 
a management executive for a prominent Florida-based restaurant chain."



Myself?  Public librarian.


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