[Marxism] Newsweek poll: we are the majority...

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon May 17 00:09:47 MDT 2004

I think the lesson of September 11 is that nobody needs to stage

For all its bluster and the fearsome repression of those designated as
the potential enemy at home and abroad, they are incapable of really
defending the United States or the American people.  The lax security at
the Boston airport--which permitted the hijackings and the mass
murder--resulted very naturally from years of deregulation of the
airlines industry, the privatization of security, etc.  The brightest
boys and girls in Washington are simply incapable of acknowledging or
understanding this chain of causality obvious to us. 

Nobody in government has to do anything, or lift a curtain of
opportunity for a repeat of September 11.  They just have to continue
being the same clusterbunch that weren't able to stop it before. 

I'm sure Bush's ol' buddy Osama is looking towards that September 11
anniversary as a sign to show that, after the severe repression and
invasions, his organization still has some life.  Might be even stronger
owing to the invasions.  He'll bend every effort to do what he can,
especially on that anniversary.  

The paradox will be that he might well be the one think that can reelect

Of course, thanks to the Democratic Leadership Council (the
Larry-Moe-and-Curly of campaign planners), this window of opportunity is
wider by many months.  There might be another terrorist attack.  Or the
media might find that picture of Kerry toking a joint, which could well
be in some veteran's drawer even now.  Or the Republican "dirty tricks"
team might plant it or some other evidence of a character flaw.  Or
Kerry might run out of money.  Or he might decide to demonstrate his
respectability to the ruling classes by becoming ever more explicit in
such a way as to create an even greater demoralization among the
"anybody-but-Bush" crowd.  

Bush's approval rating is falling and will likely catch up to the 35%
war approval rate...which may fall further.  I don't see much he can do
to recover it, but Kerry can earn a lower approval or the terrorists
could scare voters into voting for Bush. 

Mark L.

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