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 From CHAPTER V of "The Prince"

Concerning The Way To Govern Cities Or Principalities Which Lived Under 
Their Own Laws Before They Were Annexed

WHENEVER those states which have been acquired as stated have been 
accustomed to live under their own laws and in freedom, there are three 
courses for those who wish to hold them: the first is to ruin them, the 
next is to reside there in person, the third is to permit them to live 
under their own laws, drawing a tribute (payment for protection), and 
establishing within it an oligarchy (small government) which will keep 
it friendly to you. Because such a government, being created by the 
prince, knows that it cannot stand without his friendship and interest, 
and does its utmost to support him; and therefore he who would keep a 
city accustomed to freedom will hold it more easily by the means of its 
own citizens than in any other way.

It certainly appears that someone in the Bush cabinet has already read 
Machiavelli and is handling Iraq, literally, by the book. The "ruining 
them" part was started in 1991 by the King himself, George the First, 
and not by the White House Wunderkind currently warming the throne.



Lauren's quote from "The Prince" is interesting and will be very useful 
for students.

I would only add that the "ruining them" part was primarily enforced by 
Democratic President Bill Clinton. Under Clinton's leadership, about 
100,000 to 150,000 Iraqi civilians died needlessly each year for eight 
years....quite a bit higher than GW has accomplished. And Clinton is 
more liberal than Kerry. And Kerry wants the even-more-conservative John 
McCain to be his Vice-President.

McCain..one of the most ferocious of the militarists. McCain,  who, 
because he is more disciplined and more loyal to the main section of the 
capitalist class, could probably have carried out this, and many future 
wars, more efficiently, with fewer billions going to the "wrong" sectors 
of the capitalist class as Bush-Cheney-Wolfowitz have done along with 
their anti-working class economic cutbacks that are enraging so many 
millions of working class people, and forcing GW to ally with cultural 
conservatives, further demoralizing more of the educated, middle income, 
liberal sector of the population.

McCain, who is more "capable" than Bush, and who would therefore 
probably organize more successes for the currently ensnared and 
demoralized U.S. military....and probably more fatalities for the 
oppressed of the world.

I am NOT saying that the oppressed are "better off" with stupid, 
incompetent Bush. I'm just asking:

"How far will Anybody But Bush (ABB) go?"

To look at historic parallels (only soft parallels...not intended as 
dogmatic, mechanical applications)---instead of seeing Bush as parallel 
to Hitler and Kerry as the Socialists or even McCain as the 
establishment conservative Hindenburg, still a right-winger but more of 
a compasionate conservative than Hitler.....how about this possibility?

GW Bush as Rohm, the undisciplined, more fanatical Nazi, and McCain as 
the more disciplined Hitler, who with the help of establishment, 
pro-capitalists "centrists" can create a more efficient killing machine.

This is only a metaphor, but since some ABB people like to use the 
importance of defeating Hitler as a possibly applicable example to 
justify ABB, it might be useful to examine the past and present a bit 
more deeply.

historically yours,
Alan Spector,
who reminds us that "Anybody But Rohm" would therefore include Hitler.


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