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This is the first resistance document I have seen that presents the oil
issue from the standpoint of  the resistance and not primarily as
something Washington wishes to plunder.
Also it is clearly and deliberately a defense of the Baath record in the
PRE-SADDAM ERA, and makes no reference to supporting the "president" or
claiming legitimacy for the continuity of his government.  Saddam's
regime marked a decisive turn toward war with Iran and alliance with
Washington on this axis --culminating in the Kuwait catastrophe, where
Saddam clearly hoped that his takeover would be seen as stabilizing by
Washington because it would put a stop to Iranian moves to increase
influence in Kuwait.
It seems to me that the Baath Party is beginning to present itself as
favoring the early Baath course, as opposed to the turn toward
Washington and war with Iran (which was accompanied by extreme
totalitarianization of the already dictatorial regime).  This, of
course, opens more possibility for the Baath to become part of alliances
with Sunni critics of Saddam, Shiite Islamists, and over time, with
sections of the Kurdish nation, and even possibly to mend fences with
Fred Feldman
ibrahimebeid [ibrahimebeid at yahoo.com] 
The Iraqi oil in the heart of the Baath and the Resistance Strategy 

A Statement by the Arab Baath Socialist Party 

In these days thirty-two years ago, the Baath and the national political
leadership in Iraq issued a warning to the western oil cartel companies
that had absolute rights on oil in Iraq. In those days the Iraqis, the
region and the World (especially the oil companies and the Imperial
decision making centers) in UK and USA, lived on the tempo of the steps
taken by the Baath and the responsible and inflexible Iraqi leadership
into putting their warning into execution. Many in those days, including
the oil companies countries and Arab regimes who are the oil guards in
the Arab peninsula and the Gulf, and even Arab Communist parties, were
sure that the Baath will either hesitate or withdraw its 1972 warning.
On that very day of June 1st, the historic nationalization decision, as
promised and vowed by the Baath was born according to a studied plan
based on a challenging political, economical and security ground
experienced by al Baath and the people of Iraq who together made this
national, patriotic and progressive achievement possible. The date of
June 1st 1972 was a turning point and a promising start and a permanent
challenge, drawn, launched and backed by the Baath, and through which
Iraq rode the economical, and social development course, and the true
national independence, and national and human sharing with brothers and
friends, in order to build the power and strength, define and protect
the national and Arab identity of the Iraqi oil. 
The Iraqi oil nationalization battle endured by the Baath according to
its pan Arab and socialist ideology, and putting into practice its
social, economic and defense policies, asserting its strategic goals
drawn on the long term, was an ongoing battle of challenges with the
backward regressive Arab sectarianism, international imperialism, and
racist Zionism. This is a truth which cannot be denied with the battle
still going on, and the American Imperialism organized invasion against
Iraq, and the armed looting of its oil with the complicity and support
of the regressive religious forces and Arab regressive regimes and
Zionist "Israel". And here we assert the following: 
1- The Iraqi oil with its National and Arab Identity has been and will
always be in the heart of the struggle: 
*The battle of the Iraq Oil nationalization and what have followed
constitute the first engagement with the Shah's Iran and its role as the
Gulf Cop according to Imperialist America's interest and desires after
the failure of Mossadaq Revolution. 
*It was also a disagreement point and a political rivalry between the
Arab peninsula regressive states - especially the Saudi regime - on
pricing, production and OPEC role. 
*It was also a rivalry area in the Independent decision battle and the
political vision in the Cold war scenes during the bipolar period either
in the Indian subcontinent conflict or the consequences of the Saudi
failure to establish an Islamic Coalition; or what position to take
concerning the communist revolution in Afghanistan and the Arab Gulf
states support to the US and its picked up (Mujahideen). 
*It was also a competitive and rivalry field between the National and
Pan Arab position by some of the resource limited Arab states after the
October ' 73 war and the following known arrangements and the exit of
Egypt from the Zionist Arab struggle. 
*And it was in the heart of the military struggle with Khomeini's Iran
plans and its still ongoing occupational project through its occupation
of islands belonging to a US backing and allied Oil Gulf state in the
actual aggression against Iraq which helped insure the US hegemony over
the Gulf oil in the past. 
2-The Iraqi oil with its pan Arab national and independent identity used
for development on scientific and technical basis was and will be: 
* A means and an objective of the struggle and challenge endured and
adopted by Iraq according to the Baath Strategy for technical and
industrial development, putting into practice the development for
legitimate military industries. 
*It was an Imperialist US target in its plan to circumvent, contain, and
strike Iraq and its political leadership, its independent and self
sufficient development programme, through what the US used such as the
Regressive Kurdish rebellion in northern Iraq or the role played by the
Al Sabbah family in Kuwait by purposely lowering the prices or drowning
the markets with the crude oil after Iraq's decisive victory over
Khomeini's Iran. 
*It was the Imperialist US target in the period after the lowering of
prices by designing UN resolutions based on pretexts and lies, for 13
years, targeting the Iraqi oil simply because the independent, national
pan Arab political identity set for developement. The US tried and
failed to use the oil as a mean to starve the people of Iraq during the
unjust embargo. Meanwhile, the oil was, for the Baath, an opportunity to
undertake outstanding and challenging achievement through the use of
this National wealth revenues for construction, challenges and
development inside Iraq first and before everything else, thus breaking
down US plans and forcing it to accept Iraq conditions through the
signing of the memorandum of understanding first, and second to throw
away the UN resolution No1284. 
3- the occupied Iraqi oil and the US armed hold up of this wealth, are
and will be a legitimate and a permanent target in the plans and
objectives of the armed resistance actions to liberate Iraq and defeat
the invaders. 
* The Iraq oil being an indivisible part of the occupied Iraqi homeland,
and being an impossible to achieve target for the Imperialist US
hegemony since the June 1st 1973 courageous nationalization decision,
was a possible national strategy to defend Iraq during the aggression
and became a target strategy in the action of the Iraqi armed
resistance, based on its political and strategic ongoing plans in the
combat and resistance military operations. That is why the extraction,
the production, the transport routes and terminals were attacked in Iraq
from the very first months of the resistance operations. 
*The Invader thought to rely on its occupation and hold up of Iraqi oil
to compensate its gigantic material losses because of its aggression and
because of the ongoing and growing armed resistance, it will fail and it
will for sure loose, because the Baath and the Resistance leadership
have vowed to make these targets impossible for the invader to achieve
until Iraq is liberated and the total and utter defeat of the occupiers.

*The battle to prevent the occupation from a hold on Iraqi oil is a part
of Iraq liberation battle, thus the adoption of every legitimate mean
and combat ways etc. to reach that objective, remain open now or in the
future. The growing and the development of the armed resistance will put
on practice every possible means militarily and technically to prevent
the occupier from stealing Iraq's oil and to use its revenues in any
structures with anybody and under any circumstances on the national and
international levels. 
On this basis, every one who collaborates with the occupier, such as
employees, merchants, middlemen, be they Iraqis, Arabs or non-Arab will
be watched and targeted without any hesitation. 
*There will be no further warning, and those who feel concerned should
reconsider their position. The employees, the technicians and engineers
on the extraction sites and along the transport routes, in the oil
terminals and the offices of the Oil sector, should start to suspend
their work and give up their posts and join the resistance each one
according to his technical and administration position to prevent the
occupation from stealing Iraq oil. 
4- The Iraqi oil will be an active factor leading to the failure of the
Imperialist US project in Iraq and in the region. 
* The deepening and the growing impasse of the Occupation in Iraq
instigated by the Iraqi armed resistance and its organized and
calculated action compared with the limited electoral agenda facing the
aggressive US administration, will lead to failure when it comes to how
to deal with its Iraqi impasse, or how to get some kind of success such
as improving the economic situation in the US and its connection with
the energy international markets when it comes to lowering or
controlling the oil prices. 
*The US administration attempts to use the traditional Saudis plotting
role in OPEC through the increase of crude oil production thus
destroying the system of quotas agreed upon by member states before the
US elections in the hope to lower the prices, will be a dangerous and
non guaranteed enterprise amid the state of crises and expected security
chaos in the region and mainly in Saudi Arabia. With the growing
opposition in Saudi Arabia and its armed operations in many cases, the
Saudi oil factor will be sensitive to any action taken by the opposition
through military operation in Najd and Hijaz regions and in Al Ihsaa
area as well. 
*With the incoming meeting of the G8 scheduled on the June 8th, the US
Administration will have to face an international agenda to defend its
global commercial, technical and financial policies, including its lost
control on the ascending oil prices in spite of its hegemony on the Gulf
oil and its occupation and hold up of Iraqi oil. The US will have also
to explain its failure against the international war on terror, which
costs and is still costing the G8 a huge amount of financial burden with
no tangible result. The terror indeed has established itself in these
countries and it is felt there more than any time ever. 
*The current US impasse in Iraq, and in the region, and the current high
oil prices pressure, might push the US to undertake something which
could target the geographically closer oil fields such as those in
Venezuela; either through invasion or through a military coup using
mercenaries for that purpose. 
This is how the Baath put the oil of Iraq into the heart of its
economical; and development strategy, defining its identity on the
national and pan Arab level in order to serve Iraq political and pan
Arab interests, strengthening Iraq and Arab relations with others on the
basis of mutual interests. This is how the Baath and the leadership of
liberation and resistance put Iraq oil in the resistance political and
strategic project, as an objective to liberate Iraq and expel the
The Publication and information Bureau Baath Arab Socialist Party Iraq
May 13th 2004 
Translated by Behnam Keryo, Al-Moharer.net 

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