[Marxism] Re Baath: Oil and Resistance strategy

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon May 17 09:06:34 MDT 2004

By the way I did notice that the document hails the "victory" over Iran
and notes the Kuwaiti policies that heightened antagonism with Iraq and
the "regressive rebellion"  and forgot to note it. I don't  think this
endorsement of established Iraqi positions changes the tendency of the
document to link the Baath party more with gains of the late 1960s and
early 1970s than with the Saddam era.  I tend to consider it a hopeful
sign that the Baath wants to take advantage and be part of the radically
broadened resistance to the occupation that exists today.  Whether they
will change their spots fundamentally is quite another story, of course.
Fred Feldman

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