[Marxism] Particularly Humiliating in "Arab Culture"?

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Wed May 19 04:11:09 MDT 2004

In reply to Tom, if "sophisticated liberals" were really sophisticated, then
they would not think of or refer to "those strange Arabs with their weird
way of life." That is, sophisticated liberals would by definition reject
such ethnic prejudices. Of course, liberalism is a rather vague term these
days, and could refer to social-liberalism, neo-liberalism, libertarianism,
enlightened conservatism, and so on. The main common theme in regard to the
question being discussed seems to be opposition to religious fundamentalism
(because it is perceived as not liberal), but it could be argued that
liberalism itself is defined in the area of economics by a "market
fundamentalism", i.e. an axiomatic belief in the efficacy and advantages of
the market-allocation of resources in an economy over any other form of
resource allocation, and market-trade as a means for overcoming the
drawbacks of ethnic differences and for promoting international
understanding. But I really have to quit my internet preoccupations for


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