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The placement of the hooded prisoner on a box with electric wires attached
to his extremities was called "The Vietnam." * Apparently some "particularly
humiliating" punishments are cross cultural.

Development of torture techniques is not limited to so-called
anthropologists. I recall that the anti-Vietnam war Student Mobilization
Committee presented an American sociologists convention (in San Francisco?)
with evidence that a member had spoken of the positive interrogation results
from the cutting off ears of prisoners. Someone may have the details.

There have also been vague references to bringing back interrogation
techniques of the "cold war." This implies a reference to the "cold war"
with the Soviet bloc. However, it more accurately applies to the "cold war"
period of time when colonial and semi-colonial domination was pursued under
the rubric of anti-communism. These techniques were formalized at Camp
Huachucha in Arizona and further developed at the School of the Americas
("School of Assassins") at Fort Benning.

from Brian Shannon

* The torture technique that Rejali describes is known as the ³crucifixion,²
which had been developed by the British at the end of the 19th century, then
adopted by the Gestapo and South Africans in the 20th century. It was known
as the ³Vietnam² by the Brazilians, and the Soviets learned it from the CIA,
who studied the torture technique, Rejali said.

The torture swells the victim's feet to twice their size, making it painful
for the victim to move in any direction. The victim's heart rate soars or
the victim can faint. Two days of the torture will cause the victim's
kidneys to fail. - Dr. Darius Rejali, a professor at Reed College in
Portland, Oregon. Many more details on the history and use of torture in
this article: 
a.html or http://makeashorterlink.com/?F4C712758

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