[Marxism] Hardening divide

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Wed May 19 08:46:35 MDT 2004

The widely held view that the US-Europe rift is only a temporary one which
will disappear with the Bush administration looks to be wrong, according to
the latest Economist. The magazine says “the transatlantic rift that opened
up because of Iraq shows little sign of healing. On the contrary, it may

The Americans, contrary to expectations, have been unable to pressure the
Europeans to bail them out in Iraq, and, although this is partly
attributable to the deteriorating security situation, the Economist notes
broader differences over trade, China, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

More generally, the unilateral exercise of US power has produced the popular
belief in Europe, evidenced in recent elections, that the US is “a
dangerous, immoral power that needs countering.”

But the Economist thinks European “prayers” for a Kerry victory in November
are misplaced, especially in relation to Israel and US deference to
international institutions.

While it is “absurd’ to contemplate a revival of the kind of
inter-imperialist tension which culminated in World War I, “the notion that
Europeans and Americans may increasingly be rivals rather than partners
seems less implausible than it once did”, the article concludes.

Economist (sub only) article available on http://www.supportingfacts.com

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