[Marxism] [Fwd: David Zonsheine Arrested]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 19 15:25:21 MDT 2004

Dear Friends,

500 people demonstrated tonight at the ministry of defense in Tel Aviv
in protest of the Rafah killing, in a demonstration led by Courage to
Refuse and the signers of the Pilots' Letter. 8 people were arrested,
David Zonsheine among them (David is the founder and Chairman of CTR).
Three demonstrators were injured.

The prisoners are being held overnight and hopefully will be released
some time tomorrow.

We are preparing to demonstrate again tomorrow. Courage to Refuse
members feel a grave responsability for what is going on in Gaza now.
This is NOT the army we joined, these are NOT the missions we planned to
carry out. Tonight's demonstration was the fifth held in the month of
May, and many more are to come.

We will not be silenced. Our voice will be heard throughout the nation:
Retreat from the territories! Restore the IDF's moral character! Put a
stop to this senseless bloodshed, BRING THE BOYS BACK HOME!

Arik Diamant

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