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A call by the Nova Scotia Cuba Association (NSCUBA) to the Cuba 
solidarity movement and citizens of Canada.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

May 19th, 2004

The Nova Scotia Cuba Association (NSCUBA) expresses its resolute 
solidarity with and support for the Cuban people, the Cuban government 
and the Cuban Revolution as they defend themselves against the latest 
act of all-sided aggression launched by the U.S. government against the 
island. The latest measures of the George W. Bush administration are a 
deliberate assault on the well-being of the Cuban people, an undisguised 
provocation aimed at preparing the grounds and pretexts for a military 
attack and a flagrant violation of international law.

NSCUBA once again reaffirms the inalienable, inviolable and 
inextinguishable right of the people of Cuba - and all other peoples - 
to determine their future and their political, economic and social 
system on their own terms and without external interference from any 
source: a right enshrined in the United Nations Charter and numerous 
other international treaties, covenants and legal instruments.

At this critical moment as Washington is brutally attempting to suppress 
the national resistance to its occupation of Iraq, the level of U.S. 
unrelenting aggression against Cuba has escalated. This latest 
escalation is occurring within the context of ongoing U.S. 
destabilization of Venezuela. It also occurs in the wake of Washington’s 
sponsored, financed and organized coup in Haiti, which removed the 
constitutional and legitimate government of Jean Bertrand Aristide and 
where the U.S. backed thugs and former death squad members were given 
full rein to seize power.

These latest measures against Cuba, among other things, sanction a 
program of deliberate overt military intimidation, step up the economic 
war against the island, and channel additional tens of millions of 
dollars to the U.S. manufactured opposition groups on the island.

The flying of military aircraft on the edge of Cuban airspace and waters 
in order to broadcast into the island - an act patently illegal under 
international law – can only be described as a provocation of the 
highest order. It is very probable that the real mission - despite 
public protestations otherwise - will be to DELIBERATELY CROSS-OVER AND 
VIOLATE Cuban airspace with the objective of provoking a response from 
the Cuban military: a policy that has ample precedent given the history 
of the myriad U.S. violations of the airspace of the Democratic Republic 
of Korea, China and the former USSR.

Any violation of Cuban airspace will be not only be illegal but an act 
of war under international law. Indeed, Cuba would be well within its 
rights to force or shoot down these aircraft. This is what Washington 
wants to happen, then the entire propaganda apparatus would go into to 
full gear to justify the unjustifiable, an attack on Cuba.

The severe limitations placed on remittances and family visits to Cuba 
are aimed at creating an economic crisis in order to precipitate a 
migratory flow to the United States, further stimulated by the murderous 
Cuban Adjustment Act that grants special privileges and rights to – AND 
ONLY TO – Cubans who choose to emigrate illegally and are able to make 
it to U.S. shores. In short, the measures are aimed at re-creating the 
1994 rafters crisis, when at the height of the economic crisis that hit 
Cuba after the collapse of the USSR and the East Bloc and the tightening 
of U.S. pressures thousands of Cubans took to the seas in order to reach 

It is critical to bear in mind that Washington has informed the Cuban 
government that any uncontrolled migratory flow would be considered a 
threat to U.S. national security. The ramifications are obvious. Such a 
situation would be then become a pretext for U.S. military intervention.

Washington seeks to manufacture any pretext to "justify" the 
unjustifiable. The recent statements and actions of the Bush regime must 
not be seen in isolation or as merely “election year shenanigans.” They 
are part and parcel of an orchestrated campaign designed to culminate in 
open military confrontation with Cuba. The campaign has steadily grown 
in tempo and includes the formation of the so-called Commission to 
Provide Assistance to a Free Cuba, which was charged with the task of 
expediting and hastening the end of the Cuban Revolution. The 
Commission’s report formed the basis for the latest measures enacted by 
the U.S. government. However, the report was preceded by the unilateral 
suspension of the migratory negotiations; the fabrications that Cuba 
engages in and supports terrorism; the constant fallacious refrain that 
the island has biological weapons, despite the fact that this patently 
false has been refuted time and time again; the assertion that Cuba is 
destabilizing Latin America; and the increasingly vociferous campaign 
about so-called "human rights violations” and increased financial aid, 
material support and political directives to the U.S. organized 
government opponents’ groups.

Given the present world situation, it is clear that the central 
immediate task that faces the solidarity movement and all peace and 
justice loving people is the defense of Cuba from attack by Washington. 
Of course, in the face of this threat the Cubans will, as they have 
always done, respond with the usual patient and calm approach to danger 
that has typified more than 45 years of the Revolution. Nevertheless let 
no one be deceived: as the Cuban people have shown through-out their 
history - emphatically re-emphasized by the huge 1.2 million citizen 
march on Friday, May 14th - they are ready and prepared to fight to 
defend their homeland and Revolution.

This is a very dangerous time for Cuba. No one can predict the future, 
but we can and must read the signs. We must be prepared to defend Cuba 
and above all support Cuba's right of self-defense. In the face of the 
massive orchestrated campaign of disinformation, distortions and 
outright falsehoods, all progressive-minded people - particularly those 
in the Cuba solidarity movement - must not vacillate in the face of nor 
conciliate with the concerted efforts to discredit and isolate the Cuban 

We, therefore:

1. DEMAND that the Canadian government live up to its obligations under 
the UN Charter, the OAS Charter, international law and its 
responsibilities as a member of the international community by 
denouncing and condemning the continuing U.S. aggression Cuba.

2. DEMAND that the Canadian government cease its participation in the 
U.S. international campaign of discrediting the Cuban Revolution and its 
achievements in the socio-economic, cultural and political spheres, 
which under the guise of the “promotion of a human rights and ‘Canadian 
values’ agenda” facilitates Washington’s program to destabilize Cuba.

3. CALL on all groups working in solidarity with Cuba to redouble their 
efforts to counter the disinformation campaign against the island and 
prepare a very serious and concerted program of actions against the very 
real threat of U.S. military aggression: including, among others, the 
organization of public forums, rallies distribution of literature & 
petitions, pass resolutions at unions, municipal councils etc.).

4. CALL for a nation-wide day of solidarity with Cuba against U.S. 
threats for July 26 or some other historic date that can be agreed on by 
all groups in solidarity with Cuba.


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