[Marxism] Che's stupid mistake, and love.

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 20 22:05:54 MDT 2004

It wouldn't have been so stupid if it had worked.
Same with Che's Africa episode.
These were experiments from which revolutionaries can learn.

That film review was stupid.

What "falling out with Fidel Castro"?
Nobody has any idea what went on between those two.
Note Well: The MR group deeply regretted their chastisement of Castro,
and having ever brought up the subject of Che's unexplained
"disappearance" back when he was travelling in cognito.

The reviewer jumps on the bandwagon of Castro bashing:
"Castro's uneasy relationship with the more charismatic, and
harder-working Guevara has never been fully explained. It is thought
that when he went to Bolivia, the leader was glad to see the back of

"It is thought"  ???  Fudgy.

Was Che "harder-working"?  How does one quantify such flip allegations? 
Was Che harder working than Lenin?  What a stupid question.  Who cares. 
Only someone who wants to split our forces.  The Marxist ideology does
not favour one superior individual but a superior society of

As for "charismatic" we might ask where that holds sway.  Visit Cuba and
you will certainly see images of Che in many places.  He was a
revolutionary hero and a martyr to the cause of world freedom for the
working class.  You will also see busts of José Martí.  You will not see
ubiquitous public images or monumental statues of Fidel Castro.  "Oh,
yes, we admire and revere Che," they will say on the streets of Havana. 
Then it follows, in deep sincerity: "But we love Fidel."  That is an
anecdotal finding.  Inside a house in the countryside or on a wall in
someone's office in the city you can see a picture of Fidel.  Love is
personal.  But what did Che say about the revolutionary and love?

Sometimes love makes us do stupid things.  Sometimes it is wonderful and
makes life worth living.  Love and live and learn.

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