[Marxism] Nader lauds Kerry

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Thu May 20 22:08:13 MDT 2004

Ralph Nader all but endorsed John Kerry for president in an interview yesterday with the New York Times, effectively undercutting those of his supporters who want to define his candidacy as a sharp break with the Democrats. 

Nader told the Times that Kerry was “very presidential”, and indicated he was planning “a decidedly different strategy from the one he pursued in 2000 against (Al) Gore, whom he often ridiculed as symbolizing the corporatization that he said made the Democratic Party indistinguishable on many issues from the Republican Party”. 

Nader, it would seem, is ready to act as the Democratic candidate’s stalking horse, “attacking President Bush, primarily, rather than trying to hold Mr. Kerry's feet to the fire
 (going) after Bush in ways that we could not," satisfied Kerry aides told the Times. 

Conceived of in this fashion, a Nader campaign would in effect tell disenchanted liberal and antiwar voters that Kerry, despite his reluctance to “go after Bush” on Iraq and other issues, was the “lesser evil” and deserving of the presidency. The Democrats can probably live with this, short of Nader dropping out of the race. 

New York Times URL: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/20/politics/campaign/20KERR.html 
Also available: http://www.supportingfacts.com

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