[Marxism] Che and the utility of citing sources

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 21 11:18:49 MDT 2004

I am grateful to Jurriaan for the supply of revolutionary material that
provides references.  The CNN site will become integrated into a history
curriculum about the period for young people.  I really encourage people
to follow that example.  We need those cites to substantiate our work in
education and argument.  A rifle without ammunition is next to useless.

Let me agree with Jurriaan's exhortation for the need for logical
analysis of the practical, against mythologization, and the thoughtless
reiteration of Marx's text --with a laudatory invocation of Marx's call
for "the  ruthless criticism of everything existing."

Schoolchildren in Cuba start each day of lessons saying they want to "be
like Che."  I don't think that is such a bad thing.

We should seize the upcoming wave of Che commodification as an
opportunity to spread the message.  There will be many blanks left for
us to fill in for the interested masses.  The moment will pass.  Carpe

I think we should avoid agreement with the capitalist dream-breakers
when they bash Che as a murdering commie.  They will.  Don't add fuel to
their fire.

He was a man.  What was his motivation?  What was his analysis?  Was
that correct?  Did his joining the M26J a good thing for our cause?

I recently discussed a Che T-shirt with a young man who only knew that
Che had big cojones  --no idea about fighting for justice.

While using our logic and reason, we should not forsake passion.

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