[Marxism] A call to conscience

Richard Menec menecraj at shaw.ca
Fri May 21 14:57:23 MDT 2004


The diplomat who quit over Nixon's invasion of Cambodia asks Americans on the
front lines of foreign service to resign from the "worst regime by far in the
history of the republic."


"We are living a foreign policy nightmare, locked in a cycle of violence and
seething, spreading hatred continued at incalculable cost, escaped only with
hazardous humiliation abroad and bitter divisions at home. Debacle is

"Sooner or later, the neoconservative cabal will go back to its incestuous
think tanks and sinecures, the vice president to his lavish Halliburton
retirement, Bush to his Crawford, Texas, ranch -- and you will be left in the
contemptuous chancelleries and back alleys, the stiflingly guarded compounds
and fear-clammy, pulse-racing convoys, to clean up the mess for generations to

"You know that showcase resignations at the top -- Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld or flag officers fingered for Abu Ghraib -- change nothing, are only
part of the charade. It is the same with Secretary of State Colin Powell, who
may have been your lone relative champion in this perverse company, but who
remains the political general he always was, never honoring your loss by
giving up his office when he might have stemmed the descent. 

"No, it is you whose voices are so important now. You alone stand above
ambition and partisanship. This administration no longer deserves your
allegiance or participation. America deserves the leadership and example, the
decisive revelation, of your resignations. 

"Your resignations alone would speak to America the truth that beyond any
politics, this Bush regime is intolerable -- and to an increasingly cynical
world the truth that there are still Americans who uphold with their lives and
honor the highest principles of our foreign policy. 

"Thirty-four years ago this spring, I faced your choice in resigning from the
National Security Council over the invasion of Cambodia. ...Leaving was an
agony. I was only beginning a career dreamed of since boyhood. But I have
never regretted my decision. Nor do I think it any distinction. My friends and
I used to remark that the Nixon administration was so unprincipled it took
nothing special to resign. It is a mark of the current tragedy that by
comparison with the Bush regime, Nixon and Kissinger seem to many model

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