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> My sense of the difference between weberian &marxian approaches to
> class is that for the former "classes" are boxes into which one puts
> different colored marbles, while for the latter class is a relationship,
> not a collection of persons. The weberian, therefore, can arrive at
> class analysis by describing the features or activities of those who
> make up the class, while the marxist must focus on the structure (or
> more accurately, dynamic, since we are dealing with process) of the
> entire social order which constitutes the classes which constitute it.

see also Alan Gilbert, Marx's Politics: Communists & Citizens [how Marx's 
theory guided practice in building class consciousness and alliances; how 
experience in practice hled to refinements in theory], On Democratic Indviduality 
[critique of Weber/ application of Marx' to questions of class and identity], and 
Must Globalism Constrain Democracy? [critique of bourgeois realists in 
international political theory/ support for internationalism and proletarian 
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