replying to Fred was Re: [Marxism] Facts show US killed 40 at wedding party, but occupiers hang tough

g.maclennan at g.maclennan at
Sat May 22 01:16:33 MDT 2004

>It will take a still more powerful, more nationwide, and 
more united
>upsurge than this one to break the will of the invaders, and 
to show
>them beyond doubt that the will of the Iraqi nation will not 
be broken.
>And that is coming.
>Fred Feldman

Fred I would have agreed with this about a week ago.  But as 
my last post shows I am beginning to think the Iraq situation 
is deteriorating so rapidly that it cannot be patched 
together without the most massive injection of troops and 
that might not work either.    Besides I am still convinced 
that no one would dare re-introduce the draft before the 
November elections and that is what they are talking about 
when they say that the US needs to double (plus) the number 
of troops in Iraq.

I tend to agree with Juan Cole when he says, "I concluded in 
early April that Bush had lost Iraq. He has by now lost the 
entire Muslim world."

I of course would like to see a politically progressive 
secular oppositon in Iraq, which would link up with the 
struggle for freedom everywhere in the world.  But in the 
mean time I will take a defeat for American and British 

warm regards


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