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  ueber  [Marxism] Che's stupid mistake, and love

JB> Obviously  I recognise Che's revolutionary heroism, that is not in
JB> dispute.

  Revolutionary heroism ist not the only thing what Che represented.  
Ernesto "Che" Guevara is one of the foremost marxist theoreticians of  
the 20th century.

  I recommend the compilation of his economic thought by Carlos  
Tablada, which is also available in a Dutch-Flemish edition by EPO.

  I agree with Fidel Castro that Che's thinking on how build socialism  
is indepensable to absorb.

JB> But by motorcycling into Latin America, he was heading into
JB> a trap.

  Nothing serious happened to "Che" on his cycle and motorcycle trips  
thru Latin America, except a deepening of his antiimperialist  

   As to the two items on Angola, you err in speaking of an MPLA  
government at the time when these letters were written; Angola became  
independent only in November 1975.

   And then there are more important and/or revealing documents about  
the Cuban help for Angolan independence. Keywords "Operacion Carlota"  
and "Cuito Cuanavale".

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