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> This rise in the standard of living of much of the proletariat in the 
> industrialized world is made possible by the brutal exploitation of third 
> workers by the first world bourgeoisie.


<This proposition, stated as fact, arose to explain the lack of class 
consciousness of the proletariat in the US after World War II. It is often 
but ignores the role of class struggle in the more developed capitalist 
countries in raising wages at certain times, in certain sectors, and how 
higher wages 
induce technification that alters the composition of capital -- a key element 
in the labor theory of value as refined and developed by Marx in Capital. If 
true, the statement should be supported by data that shows how and how much 
surplus value expropriated in e.g., Haiti or Malaysia at a higher rate of 
exploitation finds its way into the pockets of "much" of the proletariat.>


Marx himself has written on colonial policy and its impact on the proletariat 
in the imperial centers. Actually, Lenin has written a wealth of material on 
the division of the world amongst imperial powers and the fact of the brutal 
exploitation of the non-sovereign peoples. Lenin long ago proved the 
distinction between not simply exploited and exploiting classes, but oppressing and 
oppressed people. 

The demand to prove the imperial bribery of the Anglo American peoples on the 
one hand and the peoples of America on the other, as they exist within the 
world market, surfaces on Marxmail from time to time . . . and is generally 
ignored. The American Union was formed based on the slaughter of the Indians and 
slavery. Here is the actual curve of history in which the Leninist conception 
of imperialism is to be understood and with this the distinction between 
oppressing and oppressed people . . . or material bribery.  

The state of the United States of North America is a multinational state. One 
does not have to go to the other side of the world to understand imperial 
bribery, which in our history made it possible and profitable to burn the 
churches of blacks, slaughter their men, women and children and meet appeals for 
justice with indescribable bloody violence. The purpose of this violence as with 
the case of the Indian is to take wealth and enforce an inferior social 
position on a people or institutionalize a position of privilege. This position of 
privilege is called material bribery because the exploited sections of the 
population - the workers, consciously block with imperialism to ensure their 
position of privilege. 

Imperialist bribery of the American people in general and the Anglo American 
people in particular has been good to them. This bribery is coming to an end. 
The history of American imperialism in South Africa and its imposition of what 
is called unequal treaties and trade is imperial bribery. 

There are a complex of reasons for the inability of our working class to form 
political or class consciousness concerning its relationship in the world 
market and its social position in society. This is a separate question. 

The Anglo American people exist in a position of privilege or bribery in 
relationship to the African American people, the Mexican National or the children 
of Azlan for that matter. This would seem to be clear as noon day at this late 
stage in the evolution of bourgeois property. 

Melvin P. 

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