[Marxism] Maltese activists speak out on European elections

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Sat May 22 13:42:03 MDT 2004


Press Release 22/05/04
Memorandum for European Elections  - Moviment Graffitti

Moviment Graffitti produced a 10-point memorandum for the European 
Parliamentary Elections. The Movement said that the memorandum is based 
on its principles within the context of Malta as a European Union member 
state. Moviment Graffitti appealed to leftists and progressives to 
support those ready to give importance to these issues if elected in the 
European Parliament.

Moviment Graffitti’s memorandum reads:

“Those elected in the European Parliament should work for

1	Peace and defence of Malta’s neutrality;
2	Workers’ and trade-unions’ rights, including the struggle against 
3	An important role for the public sector within the economic and social 
spheres, as well as the halting of the liberalisation process of the 
4	Animal rights, including  the abolition of hunting in Spring;
5	Food safety – including the protection of farmers and consumers from 
the GMOs threat;
6	Civil rights and sexual equality, including policies that permit gay 
partnerships/marriages, the legalisation of divorce and a pro-choice 
position as regards abortion;
7.  Humane policies regarding immigrants and asylum seekers;
8.  Policies through which local and agricultural communities and 
non-governmental organisations are given a greater say in areas such as 
development and protection of the environment;
9. That the European Union becomes more democratic through the European 
Parliament, increased involvement of civil society and increased 
10.That Malta does not surrender sovereignty in areas such as foreign 
policy, taxation and social benefits.”

Moviment Graffitti added that it is active against the exploitation and 
oppression of people, animals and the environment; With a vision of 
freedom and radical democracy.

Mark Scicluna
f/ Moviment Graffitti


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