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JB> You can say that nothing happened to Che on his motorcycle trip
JB> through Latin America... except that he got killed,

  Here it is again. It seems that you are lumping together thow very  
distinct phases in Ernesto "Che" Guevara's life -- he made a trip thru  
Latin America on a motorcycle _before_ he joined the Cuban revolution,  
in the whereabouts of 1953 or 1954;

  He got killed in 1967 _after_ fighting in Cuba, assuming  
responsabilites in the Cuban leadership and being released from them  
and trying to start a continental revolutionary guerilla in Bolivia.  
He did not go there by motorcycle, but by airoplane via Checoslovakia  
and Brazil.

JB> and then the question arises whether taking that risk (i.e. moving
JB> about without any body guard, in his situation) was worth it.

  Well, he was his own body guard, you might say, with his own weapon,  
plus the other comrades with him.

JB> Apart from that, I don't concern myself with "how to make a
JB> revolution", my understanding is that this is a pseudo-question.


JB> (possibly the "spiritual effect" he had, by far exceeded the real
JB> effect he had by his actions, and as I said I think many of his
JB> ventures just didn't have much tangible effect).

  Comparable to the effect which Marx and Engels had, right? What  
"tangible effects" had their ventures?

JB> That aside, my interest is in how the Castro's government actually
JB> gave content to internationalism and international solidarity, the
JB> morality of it, and the specific policies of it.

  Well, that is a very abundant subject with no shortcomings at all.

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