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Marxism and Film

There is a long and distinguished tradition of Marxist writing on film, 
from theorist-practitioners like Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov and 
critics like Harry Potamkin onwards. Marxist thought was instrumental in 
the birth of Film Studies as a discipline, and despite the subsequent 
twists and turns--linguistic, psychoanalytic, postmodernist, 
post-theory--it continues and sustains, albeit often in the nooks and 

Historical Materialism is keen to nurture and revitalise Marxist film 
theory and criticism. We have already published

--John Roberts: Saving Private Ryan, Realism and the Enigma of Head 

--Mike Wayne: A Violent Peace: Robert Guédiguian's La Ville est tranquille

--Anna Kornbluh: On the Love of Money (on Brett Ratner's The Family Man)

--Alex Law and Jan Law: Magical Urbanism: Walter Benjamin and Utopian 
Realism in the Film Ratcatcher

--Mike Wayne: Utopianism and Film (on Bill Forsyth's Local Hero)

We now wish to expand the range and variety of material on film and 
other media in our pages. We are looking for review-essays (3,000+ 
words) and articles (7,000+words)--on particular movies as well as more 
theoretical matters--plus potential reviewers of books of film.

Editorial correspondence, suggestions for papers, queries and calls for 
advice should go to Mark Bould at Mark.Bould at uwe.ac.uk

Marxism and Sexuality: The Sensuous in Political and Material Contexts: 
the Marxist tradition has no more influence on the modern lesbian and 
gay movement than it deserves. Gay Marxists who are encouraged by their 
straight comrades and leaders to shun the very real gains won since the 
GLF by an autonomous lesbian and gay movement are being seduced into an 
essentially heterosexist project where gay issues are sidelined. Edge S 
(1995) With Friends Like These: Marxism and Gay Politics London: Cassell 
p 3-4.

Not all discourse on the relationship between Marxism and sexuality and 
sexual politics is as damning, but the paucity and marginalised 
contribution of Marxist theory and politics to the theory and politics 
of sexuality is striking. The study of sex and sexuality has been 
colonised by post-structuralist, micro-sociologist, non-Marxist 
feminist, psychoanalytical and empiricist traditions. Historical 
Materialism seeks to redress the balance in proposing to publish a 
special edition devoted to the theme of 'Marxism and Sexuality: The 
Sensuous in Political and Material Contexts' in late 2005.

Papers are sought in the following areas:

--The contribution of Marxism to the theorising or politics of sexuality 
(for example, the work of Bernstein, Kollontai, Reich, Guerin, Marcuse)

The materialist critical analysis of sexual identities, orientations, 
relations, acts and practices--from lesbian and gay identities and 
cultures to Bondage, Domination and Sado-Masochism, Paedophilia and 
other forms of sexual identity, culture or practice.

--The materialist critical analysis of the politics of sexuality: 
lesbian, gay, heterosexual, bisexual, transgendered politics, movements 
and issues in law and policy.

--Marxism in the politics of sexuality around the globe

--Critical Marxist engagements with the theorising of sexuality within 
post-structuralism, micro-sociology, feminisms, psychoanalysis and 

--Other papers which focus on features of Marxist analyses of sexuality 
and sexual politics.

Editorial correspondence, suggestions for papers and calls for advice 
should go to Paul Reynolds at reynoldp at edgehill.ac.uk. The project is 
already at the commissioning stage so early expressions of interest in 
contributing would be very welcome.


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