[Marxism] Fidel vs. Che

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 23 17:57:33 MDT 2004

Apesadumbrado, hermano Néstor, pero si escribiera en castellano habría
escrito "el Che" -- no tenga ninguna duda.  Arqueé a mi vernáculo local,
sin embargo. . .  quando en Roma: sic.

Nonetheless, to add to your cogent observation:
"People who, if in Cuba, would certainly oppose Fidel today, raise the
effigy of the impolute Ernesto Guevara Lynch to show their support to a
Revolution such as they dream it is" --
 the effigy of the pure, "non-Communist" Camilo Cienfuegos is likewise
raised by those types of contras who swear sweet Camilo was assassinated
by that dastardly dictator Castro!

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